BHC Auxilliary - January, 2017 Minutes


January 17, 2017

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The meeting was called to order by Vice President Laura Obert at 1:00 pm at the Mint.  Those in attendance were Nancy Marks, Kathy Stancil, Bonnie Berglind, Laura Obert, Kyle Hopstad, Jenny Clowes, Hugh Van Swearingen, Shienne Spatzierath, Marcia Bieber, and myself (10  in all).

 The minutes of the October meeting were read and approved. There was no treasurer's report. Jan Hubber has resigned as of December 31, 2016. Jenny Cowles agreed to act as interim treasurer until a new treasurer is elected. We will give members a chance to consider taking on this position and hopefully will fill the position at the next meeting.

 Kyle Hopstad reported that the cost for signage will be $16,000. No decision has been made yet on security cameras, but it was reported that the lowest bid was $12,000.

 The Leprechaun Festival is set for March 11. Marcia Bieber and Nancy Marks will chair this event. We need items for the auction and donations of salads and cakes for the lunch. Nancy is donating a beautiful, handmade quilt made by Marion Iverson for a raffle item. We will charge $10 for an adult lunch and that will include a raffle ticket. In addition, raffle tickets will be sold both at the Rodeo BBQ and the Fall Fest for $1 each. Lunch tickets for children ages 6-12 will stay at $5. Age 5 and under is free. Kathy Toombs will be in charge of advertising. 

 Nancy Marks reported that she has submitted a grant to the Tracy Foundation, Helena,  for a grant totaling $13,800 to be paid at $4,600 for each of three years to cover the cost of refurbishing three nursing home rooms. She believes that she will have an answer from them at the end of March. She is also looking into a Thrivent (Lutheran Church Financial Arm) grant but cannot proceed until BHC is approved as a 501c3 organization.

 Kyle Hopstad stated that there will be a joint meeting of the Board and the Foundation tomorrow, January 18, at 3:30 pm to discuss fundraising and grant writing. We are welcome to attend. He also talked about meeting with the County Commissioners to discuss the need for PILT funds to continue. He thanked our group for the work that we do for the hospital and nursing home.

 Jeanne was asked to remind members in the email notices of meetings that annual dues are due and payable at the annual meeting in September. If you are not sure if your dues are current, the treasurer and the secretary both have this information.

 The next meeting was scheduled for February 21, 2017.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Jeanne Randolph, Secretary

c:  Donna Harper, President

c:  Shienne Spatzierath