BHC Auxilliary Meeting Dates

BHC Auxilliary regular Meetings are held on the Second Tuesday of the Month at 1:00 in the BHC Conference Room

BHC Auxiliary

Time changes everything.  Rural hospitals turn into hospitals with health clinics and nursing homes, nurses become nurse practitioners, and new services such as CT scanning and physical therapy come to town.  One part of good health in a community that does not change is volunteerism.  The Broadwater Health Center Auxiliary members continue to volunteer their time and energy. 

Volunteerism to financially support the hospital began in 1937 when the new hospital was being built. The Episcopal Guild of Townsend gave a tea and auctioned off a painting to help raise money.  The first Charity Ball, in the high school auditorium, was held in March of 1938 as Broadwater Hospital was being completed.  County residents looked forward to the gala event every year.  Sponsored by Broadwater Federated Women’s Club, now Canton Women’s Club, the dances raised several thousand dollars annually for thirty years.  In a quote from Broadwater Bygones:

After thirty years they were dispensed with at the request of Dr. William McElwee, who advised the club the hospital was self- supporting and he would like to see the annual proceeds go toward youth benefits.

In 1981 the hospital needed baby cribs for the nursery.  According to an article written by Barbara Foster, the auxiliary was founded that summer under the name of the Peppermint Ladies.  They organized a talent show to raise money for the cribs. Founding members were Zella Hunter, Pauline Webb, Helen Bucy and Barbara Foster.

The Peppermint Ladies wore pink shirts when they volunteered one day a week at the hospital.  Barbara initiated the Helping Hands Award to be given each year to the outstanding volunteer of the year.  The Helping Hands Award is now called the Fern Kirley Award, named after long time nurse and volunteer Fern Kirley.  Current members who have received the award are Dorothy Hahn and Coralee Horne.

 The Peppermint Ladies, now called the Auxiliary, organized the first Leprechaun Luncheon in March of 1982 and donated a generous amount of money to the hospital.  By then Mildred Neild and Leona Plymale were very active in the organization

 Currently the Auxiliary has 26 dues paying members from all walks of Broadwater County life who bring a multitude of talents and ideas to the organization.  Those ideas turn into organizing community events such as the Leprechaun Festival, and Rodeo Barbeque and manning booths at the October Fest.  Auxiliary members partner with other organizations including Townsend Rotary, the Rural Fire Department and the churches to cover these big events.

 The Auxiliary will pay for refurbishing one of the nursing home rooms, thanks to a $3,000 grant from the Broadwater Community Foundation.  The remodel will include painting, new window coverings, new chairs and other items that make a cozy home away from home for the resident.  In a project completed last spring, the Circle of 100 organization took on remodeling the first of the rooms, and idea initiated by Mia Whitfield.  Many of the Auxiliary members call on residents to help with meals, to lead bingo, to visit and to read to them. 

Through the years, and Auxiliary had donated more than $800,000 worth of medical equipment, supplies and services to the hospital and nursing home, according to outgoing president, Jackie Kynett.

 To become a part of this vibrant organization with the spirit of helping hospital residents you would be welcomed to attend Auxiliary meetings.  They are regularly held in the Conference Room upstairs at the hospital at 1 p.m. third Tuesday of most months.  Dues are $15 per year.  For more information or to join please contact President Donna Harper at 202-4111 or Secretary Jeanne Randolph at 266-3237.