Diagnostic Imaging Services

New technology and a wide range of services have become part of the exciting new expansion of the Broadwater Health Center Diagnostic Imaging Services Department.  In addition to offering X-ray services, the Diagnostic Imaging Department offers CT scans.  Our 16-slice GE CT is a quick and effective tool for diagnosing both routine and acute pathologies. 
We also offer mobile mammography and MRI.  By partnering with mobile providers to bring mammography and MRI capabilities to Broadwater Health Center we are allowing patients in the Townsend area and beyond a wide range of diagnostic services here at home.  
The Department has also recently acquired a new electronic data storage and transmission system; known as PACS, which will allow instant collection and transmission of digital radiographic images to medical facilities throughout the area.

Have your physician call 266-3186 ext. 132 to schedule your appointment or visit one of the Broadwater Health Center's clinic physicians for scheduling.




Ultra-Sound Imaging

BHC now has ultra-sound Imaging Available in the Diagnostic Imaging Department.  

Have your physician call 266-3186 ext. 132 to schedule your appointment or visit one of the Broadwater Health Center's clinic physicians for scheduling.

















During the 2013 Community Health Care Needs Assessment Survey Broadwater County residents indicated they were most interested in having mammography services available locally. 

“In an attempt to meet the health care needs of our community, we started looking for a mobile mammography service that would visit Townsend” said Kyle Hopstad, Broadwater Health Center Administrator.   “The BHC Board of Directors accepted a proposal to contract with Kalispell Regional Medical Center (KRMC) to provide monthly mobile mammography clinics in Townsend” Hopstad continued.  

The mobile mammography unit owned by KRMC is called The Winkley Women’s Center.  It was donated by and named after Jane Winkley, a breast cancer survivor.  In making her contribution to benefit women in all rural areas of Montana, she said “No woman should have to wait.”

According to The American Cancer Society 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.  With early detection through mammography most breast cancers can be beaten.  Women should start mammography screenings at age 40 and rescreen every year thereafter.  

Women wishing to have a mammogram will need to obtain a physician’s referral.   With the physician’s referral the screening mammograms will be performed by the Women’s Center Staff aboard their mobile mammography coach.  The screens will be electronically sent to their Radiologist to be read.  The screen results will then be electronically sent back to the referring physician who will share the results with the patient.  

The Women’s Center Mammography Coach’s first visited Townsend in March of 2014 and continue to do screenings in Townsend.  Ladies wanting to schedule a mammography should consult with their health care provider and call 406-266-3186 ext. 132 to register.