Broadwater County Hospital District

Hospital District Board
Under state law, hospital districts are granted broad authority to establish and operate hospitals. They can borrow money by issuing bonds or warrants and, subject to voter approval, can levy taxes. Those powers are like those of a county school district or fire district. The governing board members, or trustees, serve without pay. They are elected by voters who live within the district, unless appointed to fill a vacancy.
Current members of the Hospital District Board are Hugh van Swearingen, Vic Sample, Dawn Langlinais and John Ingalls.
Clearly, hospitals need to be administered and operated by health-care professionals, not by publicly elected volunteers. For many years, the District Board has contracted with Townsend Health Systems, Inc. to handle the job. This is done by leasing our hospital building to THS.
The lease contract requires the Hospital District to maintain the hospital building and grounds. In return, THS provides medical services to our community.
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