An Investment Worth Protecting

Up for your vote in the May 8, 2018 election is a Hospital Mill Levy which will raise $287,000 annually for three years and replaces a 3-year, $170,000 levy which is now expiring.  The Hospital District Board (not to be confused with the Townsend Health Systems Board that oversees operation of the hospital) has chosen to ask for the levy to pay for much needed maintenance on the 35 year old hospital building. 

The cost to an owner of a $100,000 home will be $27.87 yearly, which is an increase of $7.13 over the expiring mill levy.  There are many variables in computing the value of farmland, but for typical Irrigated land, the cost would be $26.73 per 100 acres and for typical grazing land the cost would be $2.13 per 100 acres. 

The Hospital District Board, who is responsible for the upkeep of the building which belongs to Broadwater County taxpayers, plans to use the money for such things as updating heating, plumbing and air conditioning systems, repairs to flooring, roofing, paint, and sidewalks and keeping the building up to today’s standards.   

Your vote can help maintain the building that houses our nursing home residents, hospital patients, the Wellness Clinic, Laboratory, and Emergency Room. 

​To Compute what the Renewed tax levy will cost you:

​Muliply the Taxable Value of your property as listed on your Broadwater County 2017 Real Property Tax Statement by 0.02064.

​Click on Mill Levy Calculator to use our Mill levy Calculator to figure your yearly tax assessment on the prior levy and the proposed levy


Example for a Taxable Value of $2,853:

2853 X  0.02064 = $58.89 yearly tax assessment for this Hospital District mill levy.

To caclulate the old levy mulitply the Taxable Value by 0.01536:

2853 X 0.01536 = $43.82 yearly tax assessment for the prior Hospital District mill levy.