Social Services

Long-term Care

The goal of social services in the long-term care setting is to promote and enhance optimal quality of life for those living in the facility.

    • Assists in the admission, assessment, and care planning of patients from a mind/body/spirit perspective;
    • Advocate for patients rights, autonomy, and self-determination;
    • Facilitate decision making on behalf of patients and families;
    • Support resident’s individual needs: the social and emotional impact of physical or mental disability, preservation and enhancement of physical and social functioning, prevention of physical and mental illness and increased disability;
    • Connect residents and family members with community resources and assists residents in moving out of the nursing home if that is their wish;
    • Provide or make referrals for individual, family, and group therapy;
    • Address end of life issues and advanced care planning as part of an interdisciplinary team




Acute/Skilled Nursing and Swing


    • Helping patients/families adjust to hospital admission; possible role changes; exploring emotional/social responses to illness and treatment
    • Service referrals including nursing home or long-term care placement, Hospice, and other services;
    • Mental health screening and consultation - depression, anxiety, and other psychosocial needs. Providing or making referrals for individual, family, or group psychotherapy;
    • Assistance with advanced directives;
    • Therapeutic, educational, and/or support groups offered depending upon interest;
    • Assists with coordinating patient discharge and continuity of care planning.




Support groups, educational groups, or therapeutic groups will be offered depending upon interest. If you are interested in any of the following groups please contact Ashley Theule, Social Services Director to express interest or for more information.

    1. Caregiver Support Group
    2. Cancer Support Group
    3. Weight Management Support Group
    4. Life Transitions - for those who are aging or those with aging parents
    5. Parenting - educational or support
    6. Community Conversations - guest speakers such as Hospice, Medicaid/Medicare 
    7. Healthy Lifestyle/Self-care




Contact info:

 Wendy Bazinet,

 Social Services Director

 406-266-3186 ext. 117