Social Services

Long-term Care

The goal of social services in the long-term care setting is to promote and enhance optimal quality of life for those living in the facility.

    • Assists in the admission, assessment, and care planning of patients from a mind/body/spirit perspective;
    • Advocate for patients rights, autonomy, and self-determination;
    • Facilitate decision making on behalf of patients and families;
    • Support resident’s individual needs: the social and emotional impact of physical or mental disability, preservation and enhancement of physical and social functioning, prevention of physical and mental illness and increased disability;
    • Connect residents and family members with community resources and assists residents in moving out of the nursing home if that is their wish;
    • Provide or make referrals for individual, family, and group therapy;
    • Address end of life issues and advanced care planning as part of an interdisciplinary team




Acute/Skilled Nursing and Swing


    • Helping patients/families adjust to hospital admission; possible role changes; exploring emotional/social responses to illness and treatment
    • Service referrals including nursing home or long-term care placement, Hospice, and other services;
    • Mental health screening and consultation - depression, anxiety, and other psychosocial needs. Providing or making referrals for individual, family, or group psychotherapy;
    • Assistance with advanced directives;
    • Therapeutic, educational, and/or support groups offered depending upon interest;
    • Assists with coordinating patient discharge and continuity of care planning.