Behavioral Health Team Opens an Office at the School District

We can't wait for school to start!  I'm betting no one is hearing that from their children! Well we are excited for school to start because we will be there to offer services to your child and family. The hospitals wellness clinic's behavior health team will have an office at the school providing therapy and counseling to individuals, families, and groups. We will work with parent and the school team when requestd to assist your children in achieving success in school and life. We will offer services in any needed area such as emotion regulatin, problem solving, self-esteem and coaching strategies.

If you have any questions before school starts, please feel free to call me, Wendy Bazinet, at 226-4670 ext. 130. Or just talk to the receptionist at the Wellness Clinic to make a referral at this same number and we will call you as we propate for the new school year. Have a great rest of the summer!

Wendy Bazinet, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), August 2016