Humana is On Board!

Over the past several weeks Broadwater Health Center (BHC) has been working with Humana to expedite a contract to help those residents affected by the Medicare Advantage cut. BHC has been engaged in contract negotiations with Humana in the effort to participate in their Medicare Advantage product since October 2017, when we learned that Blue Cross Blue Shield would no longer be serving our community with a Medicare plan.

The Broadwater Health Center is proud to announce the arrival of a new four-wheel drive ambulance

The Broadwater Health Center (BHC) ambulance crew is proud to announce the arrival of a 2018 Ford-450 four-wheel drive ambulance.  The new ambulance is blue and white in color with the latest in chevron stripping for increased visibility on the highway.  A majority of the $200,000 for the new ambulance is from a Broadwater County Capital Improvement Project (CIP) fund established for the purchase of a new ambulance about every 10 years.  Additional funding was supplied by Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) funds.  

Dr. Kenney and Zoey

An Investment Worth Protecting

Up for your vote in the May 8, 2018 election is a Hospital Mill Levy which will raise $287,000 annually for three years and replaces a 3-year, $170,000 levy which is now expiring.  The Hospital District Board (not to be confused with the Townsend Health Systems Board that oversees operation of the hospital) has chosen to ask for the levy to pay for much needed maintenan

Hospital District Mill Levy

Trustees of the Broadwater County Hospital District are asking you to renew your tax support for maintenance of our county-owned hospital building and its medical mission.  We are proposing a property tax levy to replace the three-year levy that is now expiring.

The new levy would raise $287,000 a year and like the last one would run for three years. It would cost homeowners $27.87 a year on a home valued at $100,000 and $55.74 a year on a home valued at $200,000.  The expiring levy raised $170,000 a year.

Hospital Auxilliary Meeting Feb. 20

Members of the hospital auxiliary will hold their monthly meeting  at 7:00pm Tuesday Feb. 20.  The meeting will be held upstairs in Broadwater Health Center Conference Room.  The public is invited.

The group will meet to discuss plans for the annual Leprechaun Festival fundraiser March 17.  Also on the agenda will be a presentation from Townsend Train Station Gym manager Clarissa Harris, who will discuss the gym and services it offers, including equipment available and classes that are offered.

Confused about the Hospital Boards?

When my wife and I moved back to Townsend in 2013 the Broadwater Health Center’s nursing home had just been shut down by the state and there was a lot of talk about the hospital – and a lot of misinformation. I heard all sorts of conflicting statements about what had happened and about the nature of the hospital.  I found it particularly confusing that the hospital seemed to have two governing boards.

Townsend Health Systems Board Meeting and Annual Board Meeting

On Oct 26 the Townsend Health Systems Board will be holding regular board meeting and the annual meeting. Both Meetings will be held in the Broadwater Health Center 2nd floor conference room.


6:00pm - THS Regular Board Meeting. Click on Agenda to see the regular meeting agenda.

Fall Fest 2017 Booth

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