2016 Broadwater Health Center Highlights

This article was originally printed in the Broadwater Reporter on Thursday, January 5, 2016:


Administrator Kyle Hopstad and board member Bill Upthegrove shared a year-end update with the city council at the regular city council meeting.

Because the council supported the CT scanner project in 2013 by backing the interim loan which was paid off in 6 months, status of utilization was reported.

The CT unit has been extremely successful with projections of break even at 13-14 procedures with actual average per month at 25-30 with a high of 50 per month! "This has created a diagnosis within an hour averting unnecessary transports and helping us to give quicker treatment for our patients! It has also given state of the art technology available to our patients and practitioners and proven to be a very positive revenue source contributing over $100,000 to the bottom line per year!".

We have been awarded a five star rating for the Nursing Home! Only seven other facilities in the state have obtained that status, awarded by the Department of Health! Helping that designation was a deficient-free survey which only one percent of the nursing homes nationwide ever achieve! The average occupancy is 28-29 patients every month. Because about 70% of the residents are Medicaid, that continued support of $200,000 matching dollars which generating another $100,000, totaling $300,000 of which is required to continue to operate, Hopstad states.

Recruitment of staff continues to be ongoing: Dr. Scott Kenny and his wife Nancy will be starting practice in August 2017. We continue to attract incredibly well-trained professionals. With such great providers we are now offering in-house provider staffing 24/7 for the emergency room, hospital, and urgent care!!! This is a great resource to our nurses, patients and staff! We have experience with incredible lives saved in the Emergency Department!

We have been awarded a three-year Mental Health grant which helps respond to the huge need by placing a licensed, certified social worker in the clinic! We also worked out an agreement with the schools to provide help during the week at their campus, as well. BHC is one of three hospitals in the state to be awarded this Grant!

All of this has afforded BHC to reach the highest revenue per month ever at $640,000 for the month of October 2016. Still, we are projecting a loss for the year. We are looking at ways to be more efficient with the building, operations, and how best to use the campus. The building now is nearing 40 years old and needs some upgrades mechanically and functionally. So, the board and staff will be studying this in the new year.