BHC Announces Board Changes

Townsend Health Systems (Broadwater Health Center) would like to announce the following changes to the Board of Trustees.

Bill Hubber recently resigned from the Board to pursue other interests. The Board would like to thank Bill for his dedicated service and for having led the Board as their chairman for the last four years. He was a steady force providing sage advice with many of the operational decisions of the Board.

Kellie McBride has also stepped down to avoid a conflict of interest. Kellie added diversity to the board and brought a strong perspective on women's health issues. Both Bill and Kellie's leadership and commitment were appreciated and they will be missed by the current board members.

The following are the new trustee appointments including a proposed board change to strengthen communication with the county commissioners:

Jorja (Hensley) Munns has been appointed to fill the remainder of Bill Hubber's term. Jorja is a Townsend native with strong local ties to the ranching community. She brings to the board experience from being on the county planning board and leadership skills from her church. Jorja is a graduate of BCHS, Ricks College and earned a MS degree in Argicultural Economics from BYU.

Michelle Barstad has been appointed to fill the remainder of Kellie McBride's term. Michelle has lived in Helena since 1988 where whe worked for the Montana Board of Investments and the Montana Facility Finance Authority acting as Executive Director from 2002 until her recent retirement. Throughout her career with the MFFA she reviewed the financials of most hospitals located within the State of Montana. Michelle has an undergraduate degree from North Dakota State University and an MBA from the University of Montana.

County Commissioner Mike Delger has offered to attend the Townsend Health Systems Board meetings as a commissioner representative. The hospital is grateful for the county's involvement as the county owned hospital is one of the largest assets of the county in both the facility and the jobs it brings to the county. To strengthen this tie the BHC Board is proposing a change to their bylaws to make a county appointed commissioner a non-voting member of the THS Board.

The THS Trustees appreciate the enthusiasm, committment and skills that Jorja, Michelle and Mike bring to helping guide health care in Broadwater County. We think you find them excellent representatives in guiding the future operation of the hospital.