John and Sharon Borer Letter to the editor

I guess when people get as sick as John and I have been the last week, they start thinking about what is important to them and has meant a lot after they get to feeling better and are on the mend. First of all, we got a case of this terrible stuff that is going around, probably have not been this sick in at least a decade. Got to experience firsthand this Broadwater Health Center facility thaqt has been in the works for a while. Normally, we bypass Townsend and go for the big city. It took a matter of minutes before John was picked up by our wonderful ambulance crew (they could use more help, anyone interested!) and transported to the emergency room of the hospital. During John's 3 day stay in the hospital we felt like one of the family, were treated with politeness, respect and care by the entire staff. Under the expert and wonderful treatment of Dr. Greg Sayer, John was fixed up and sent home. Then it was Sharon's turn; she too, spent a couple of times in the emergency room. At no time during this entire experience were we put on hold and told to wait, our concern was the staff's concerns. Small town atmosphere, in a highly efficient competent facility. We have a gem in the little hospital, don't let it get away. Support it with every penny you have. It is ours, it belong to this community. While I am in such a benevolent mood, I ould like to extend heartfelt thanks to the churches in the community who reached out with love and support. Yes there is a God and he exists right here in Townsend. While we are it, thank you to Jessica Crush, who stepped up with a wonderful story time at the library to fill in for Sharon. This is an amazing program for children 3 to 5 going on at the Townsend library at 10am every Tuesday morning. And finally, thank you to our family and friends who voiced their concern for us while we were sick. The kind of treatmentshown to su is what communities and our world is all about.

John and Sharon Borer

Townsend, Mt.


This Letter to the Editor was printed in the Broadwater Reporter on Thursday, February 16, 2017: