BHC Auxilliary - April, 2017 Minutes


April 18, 2017 


The meeting was called to order at 1:00 by President Donna Harper. Those in attendance in addition to Donna and me were Bill and Jan Hubber, Laura Obert, Bill Upthegrove, Nancy Marks, Kathy Toombs, Jay Kitt, Bonnie Berglind, Anita Kearns, Shienne Spatzierath, Alex Potter, Jenny Clowes, Marcia Bieber, Serebrena Short, and Kyle Hopstad. (Total of 17)

The minutes were read and approved.

The net income from the Leprechaun Festival was $4,064.81. There was an additional $100 added to the Leprechaun Festival profits due to a donation from Anita Kearns. The total cash assets were $13,758.53 of which $5,000 is designated for signage. The treasurer's report by Jan Hubber was approved.

Kyle Hopstad gave us an update on the Health Center and explained the difference between critical care and nursing home reimbursements. Medicare/Medicaid pays 100% of the bill if we are all critical care. The current structure is 84% nursing home beds and 17% critical care beds. He reported that we lost 12  nursing home residents in the last four months due to their advanced ages. This puts a strain on the finances with a loss of $40,000 to $60,000 per month. There are now 32 assisted living beds outside of BHC in the area giving potential residents a choice that was not available to them in the past few years. We are now down to 23 residents in the nursing home and 2-3 patients in the hospital side. There will be a facility review on May 24 and 25 and the board will make a recommendation to change the licensing to 25 bed critical care. This would not affect the nursing home patients. They would continue on.

Kyle also reported that Clare Welch will be leaving the clinic for a job in Bozeman. She will be replaced by Jill _________ who will be taking her place in the clinic and E.R. Dr. Scott Kinney is coming this summer. He also told us that Dr. Campbell withdrew his hospital privileges. No one is trying to run Doc out of town. He still sees his nursing home residents. There will be an Open House at BHC on June 1st.

 OLD BUSINESS:  Nancy Marks reported that she and Jenny re-wrote the Treacy Grant for $64,000 which would cover the cost of refurbishing all the remaining nursing home rooms and bathrooms. Five rooms have been completed; they were sponsored by the Foundation, Circle 100, BHC Auxiliary, Opportunity Bank, and the Community Foundation/BHC Auxiliary.

The Leprechaun Festival served about 100 lunches. There was a lot of salad and deserst left over. The sponsorships were “easy money” according to Nancy. The Fairmont package went over really well. Nancy also reported that the Marion Iverson quilt is on display at State Bank. Tickets will be sold until the Fall Fest when the drawing will be held. Ads will be run in the local paper prior to the Rodeo BBQ and the Fall Fest.

Jan Hubber agreed to serve as treasurer until someone is willing to take over. She will be happy to train the new treasurer. Tabled until a volunteer steps forward.

Anita Kearns volunteered to send thank you cards for the auxiliary.

NEW BUSINESS:  Alex will be holding a garage sale on the day of the community garage sale on June 17th. Donations can be received on the Friday prior or any other time by contacting her or Shienne.

The Rodeo BBQ will be held on August 6th. It was agreed that this is a good fund raiser and is an important connection to the community and other groups that help us out.

Our next meeting will be on May 16th. Meeting adjourned at 2:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Randolph, Secretary

c: Donna Harper, Shienne Spatzierath, Dorothy Hahn, CoraLee Horne, Mary Lou Shields, Jaque Swenson