BHC Auxilliary - June, 2017 Minutes


June 20, 2017


The meeting was called to order by President, Donna Harper, at 1:00 p.m. In the Broadwater Health Center Conference room.  Those in attendance were Nancy Marks, Laura Obert, Marcia Bieber, Jaque Swenson, Beki Brandborg, Dorothy Hahn, Kathy Stancil, Bonnie Berglind, Alex Potter, Coralee Horne, Donna Harper, Serebrena Short, Cassidy Paige, Hugh VanSwearingen, Del Schubring, Mary Allice Upton, and me. (17 total) The minutes of the May meeting were read and approved. The treasurer's report was read and approved.

BBQ:  Jan Hubber was asked to write a check to Donna for $180 to cover the cost of the school kitchen rental.  We will cook the potatoes and eggs, and chop celery and onions on Thursday. Completion of the salad will be done on Friday.

Rotary members will do the set-up at the park. Nancy moved that we purchase six more tables at Costco, 2nd by Kathy Stancil. Motion passed.

Kathy Toombs will contact Wheat Montana for 360 burger buns; Sebrena and Alex will pick them up. We will order 180# of roast beef from Bob's. Donna has reserved the park and the school kitchen and will complete the sanitation report. We will use the hospital meat slicer, and Sebrena will make cookies. Dorothy will try to get the potatoes donated. Eliels will provide music at the park. (The Dillon Junior Fiddlers cannot make it.) Nancy will contact the girls to wash dishes at the school. Nancy will get the aprons for the servers from Shienne.

After much discussion, it was moved and seconded (Nancy and Bonnie) to purchase Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce instead of making our own. Motion passed.

More discussion followed regarding the beans. Laura moved and Nancy seconded the motion that we purchase Bush's baked beans and simply add bacon and onions to them. This motion passed.

Nancy will meet with Bruce Seed asking for a sponsorship. She will ask them to buy the meat. The Rural Fire Department will be asked to serve and she will also ask them to take over the BBQ next year with our help. Nancy will attend the Rotary meeting on July 11 and ask for their help. A story will be in the local newspaper and the Helena paper on July 20 and an ad will be run in the Reporter on the 27th.  The BBQ will also be advertised on social media and in the rodeo program.

Becky Brandberg presented a plan for affordable housing for Townsend. They have proposed approximately 20 apartments that will be subsidized for people on fixed incomes, low wage jobs, senior citizens, etc. There is a meeting on June 26 in Helena with the housing board and she asked for our support and representation at the meeting. Laura moved that we support this effort: 2nd by Alex. Motion passed.

Alex reported that the garage sale for the Activities Department brought in $1,045.

The next meeting will be July 18.


Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Randolph, Secretary

cc:  Donna Harper, Shienne Spatzierath, Jaque Swenson