Hospital District Mill Levy

Trustees of the Broadwater County Hospital District are asking you to renew your tax support for maintenance of our county-owned hospital building and its medical mission.  We are proposing a property tax levy to replace the three-year levy that is now expiring.

The new levy would raise $287,000 a year and like the last one would run for three years. It would cost homeowners $27.87 a year on a home valued at $100,000 and $55.74 a year on a home valued at $200,000.  The expiring levy raised $170,000 a year.

As trustees of the Hospital District we are responsible for seeing to it that the building does not fall into disrepair. The building is aging and has ever-growing maintenance needs. It is valuable public property that must be protected.

Hospital District Trustees are Hugh vanSwearingen, chair; Victor Sample, vice chair; Bob Davis, Darleen Doig and John Ingalls.

The hospital building is leased by Broadwater County Hospital District to Broadwater Health Center.  Under the lease contract, the Hospital District is responsible for building maintenance.

 Trustees of Broadwater Health Center are Brad Campbell, chair; John Nordwick, vice chair; Bill Upthegrove, secretary and treasurer; Marcia Bieber, Ron Salladay, Jorja Munns and Michelle Barstad.

The election date is May 8, but early voting begins April 18 when ballots are mailed to absentee voters and other people who who have signed up to vote by mail.