The Broadwater Health Center is proud to announce the arrival of a new four-wheel drive ambulance

The Broadwater Health Center (BHC) ambulance crew is proud to announce the arrival of a 2018 Ford-450 four-wheel drive ambulance.  The new ambulance is blue and white in color with the latest in chevron stripping for increased visibility on the highway.  A majority of the $200,000 for the new ambulance is from a Broadwater County Capital Improvement Project (CIP) fund established for the purchase of a new ambulance about every 10 years.  Additional funding was supplied by Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) funds.  

Broadwater County purchases the ambulance and it is operated by Broadwater Health Center.  BHC pays for all maintenance, fuel, repairs, vehicle insurance, Emergency Care Providers (ECPs) insurance, and ECP wages.  ECPs are only paid when responding to an emergency call.
All the equipment from the 20-year old (1998) ambulance will be transferred over to the new ambulance.  Most of the emergency medical equipment used by the Emergency Care Providers has been purchased through grants, donations, and fundraising.