BHC Auxilliary - April, 2018 Minutes


April 17, 2018

The BHC Auxiliary meeting was called to order by President, Donna Harper, at 7:00 p.m. In the hospital conference room. There were 20 people in attendance (roster attached). The minutes were read and approved as was the financial report. Jan Hubber also reported on the income and expenses from the Leprechaun Festival. This event showed a net income of $3,271.

Teresa Munson, Public Health Nurse reported on the 2017-18 flu season with both county and state figures. There were 57 deaths statewide; the majority over the age of 65. She emphazied the importance of washing hands often and well, covering your cough, stay home if sick, clean surfaces often, and get a flu shot.

Nancy Marks reported on the Leprechaun Festival and stated that expenses were high this year due to new signs being made and more flyers being distributed. There was no raffle this year, however the bake sale was reinstated. Dorothy Hahn felt that the baked goods were priced too high. Decorations and music were very nice and the dancers did a great job. It was suggested that flyers in the future state that we serve cold cuts, rolls, salads, and desserts so people won't be confused about the menu. It was suggested that we need more salads. The question was asked, “How can we make this event more profitable?” Nancy brought up the idea of selling tickets for lunch and the raffle in advance. Discussion followed but no decision was made.

Nancy then reported on sponsorships which have brought in $2,200. This came from local businesses as well as some in Helena. Nancy was thanked for her hard work on this. She stated that she cannot take on this responsibility and the Leprechaun Festival both in the future.

Kyle Hopstad reported on the generator grant that has been applied for through the office of Homeland Security. The results will not be available for some time. He also reported that there were 18 residents in the nursing home and 2-3 in the critical side. There were 20 lab patients today and the ER is busy as well. Jan Hubber reported receiving excellent care in the ER recently. Kyle also talked about tele-medicine which has many advantages in rural hospitals and will be available here in the near future.

Hugh vanSwearingin gave an update on the mill levy request for $287,000 per year for three years. He stated that approximately 48% of the population votes by absentee and those ballots will be going out very soon. May 8 is the election date. We were asked to post signs in our yards and ask a friend or neighbor to post a sign as well. The levy pays for maintenance on the building.

Kathy Carr from the lab told us of the need they have for a blood gas analyzer. She is requesting $9,275 for this purchase. Kyle asked for $500 to reimburse an employee who purchased a refrigerator for the residents' snacks from her own funds and for $1,000 to help with the bathroom remodel. Jeanne Randolph made a motion to provide the funds for each of the three requests, 2nd by Nancy Marks. Motion approved and a check was issued.

Discussion then moved to the Rodeo BBQ. Donna is making an effort to reduce our workload and get more help. We will ask Rotary (Laura) to take on the responsibility of setting up and taking down tables and chairs. It was suggested that they solicit help from the Honor Society or the football team. Donna also suggested that we switch from potato salad (which is very time consuming to make) to Chinese coleslaw. Nancy moved and Anita 2nd that we substitute the potato salad for Chinese coleslaw. We have engaged the Dillon Junior Fiddlers to play in the parade and at the BBQ. We will need to provide a sound system.

Nancy will ask the Senior Center if they could use some volunteers to help with the lunch hour. She was informed the following day that they cannot use volunteer help.

The memorial tree near the entrance needs to be refurbished, updated, or changed. Jay, Donna, Kyle and Jeanne agreed to look into this.

Our next meeting will be on June 19 at 7:00 p.m.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Randolph, Secretary

c: Donna Harper, Shienne Spatzierath, Jaque Swenson