BHC Auxilliary Annual Meeting Minutes for Sept 12 meeting


Annual Meeting September 12, 2019


The BHC Auxiliary annual meeting was called to order by President Donna Harper at 6:05 pm at the Mint Restaurant. Donna welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming. A motion to dispense with the minutes and financial report was approved. Nominations for officers for the 2019-20 year were as follows: President, Donna Harper; Vice President, Jane Slyker; Secretary, Jeanne Randolph; and Treasurer, Jan Hubber. A motion was made to accept the slate of officers; approved.

Bill Upthegrove was introduced and he explained why the board chose Billings Clinic to take over the Broadwater Health Center. There will be local representation on the board of directors. They agreed to assume our debt. They agreed to operate as a hospital for five years and invest $5 million over five years. They agreed to give us short-term financial aid during this process if we need it. They are committed to recruit a doctor who wants to live here and work here for long-term. They also agreed to send visiting specialists to Townsend. Bill introduced Gerele Pelton, Project Manager from Billings Clinic.

Gerele said that they are willing to work with area hospitals, they will maintain our ambulance service, they will keep our Critical Access Hospital status. Billings Clinic has already partnered with 12 rural hospitals in Montana and Wyoming, and they are affiliated with the Mayo Clinic. She also stated that the Billings Clinic is very excited about this opportunity, and they are very committed to rural health care. Their board was also unanimous in the decision to partner with BHC. They support long-term care and are planning to keep the services that are in place at BHC and expand those services. They plan to bring in family practice providers and supplement with specialty care providers. They believe that all are entitled to high-quality health care and that is what they intend to provide. She stated that they have competition in all of their communities. Their focus is quality care for their patients and they don't focus on what others are doing. They will collaborate with others if they will collaborate with Billings Clinic. She asked us to continue to support the hospital, tell others of the services offered and what the plans are for the hospital. They will have a presence at Fall Fest in October. Their plan is to have 3-5 family providers (at least one female), OB/GYN and pediatrics after that.

Brad Campbell introduced a community member (Jan Larum), who told us of her letter to the Helena IR, the CEO of St. Peter's Hospital, and their board members. She went to St. Peter's meeting here in Townsend and left horrified. She wanted them to know her opinion of what they are doing in Townsend.

Helen Turcotte passed around a statement asking those interested to sign it. The statement was in support of the Broadwater Health Center and the Billings Clinic. It will be submitted to the local newspaper around the middle of October.

Donna reported on our fundraising activities and what we had done for the hospital in the past year. She again thanked everyone for coming and encouraged people to join our group. Nancy Marks moved to adjourn at 7:20.


Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Randolph, Secretary

c: Donna Harper, Jaque Swenson, Vic Sample