BHC Auxilliary - October 2019 Minutes


October 8, 2019


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President, Donna Harper. There were six persons in attendance. The minutes from the last meeting were not read and there was no treasurer's report.


Nancy Marks commented that she thought the annual meeting was outstanding. Good attendance and a good report on the upcoming merger with Billings Clinic. It was very upbeat and lots of our questions were answered.


We talked about alternatives to our annual fundraiser, the Leprechaun Festival. Suggestions were a Trivia Night or a dance with live music. It was decided that we would look into the feasibility of having a dance at the Fairgrounds with catered appetizers, a live band, and a no-host bar. Nancy agreed to handle publicity; Shienne will look into a band; Donna will look into the venue, bar, and caterers. The date is March 14, 2020. Suggested theme is “Boots & Beauties”.

Kyle Hopstad reported that we are really close to approving everything with Billings Clinic. There will be a community meeting/public hearing on October 16 at the Library Community Meeting Room. The meeting will be conducted by the District Board and the Operational Board. The process will be final on or before October 31 when the papers are signed.

Meeting time was discussed. The women who work at the hospital and are active in the auxiliary stated that it is difficult for them to come back to the hospital in the evening. We decided to set the meeting time for 1:00 as it was in the past. Hospital workers can then use their lunch hour to attend the meeting.

Next meeting will be on November 12, at 1:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45.


Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Randolph, Secretary

c: To all members as there was low attendance due to the short notice, and proposed changes to the Leprechaun Festival, as well as new meeting time, and upcoming public hearing.