BHC Auxilliary - June 2020 Minutes


June 16, 2020


President Donna Harper called the meeting to order at 1:00 at the Mint. There were ten persons in attendance. Minutes of the March meeting were read and approved. Jan Hubber provided a treasurer's report showing a balance of $7,687.11.

Nancy Marks stated that NW Energy had not fulfilled their pledge of $1,000, so she will give them a call to remind them. Alex reported that the two recliners for residents had been ordered, one has been received. The bill will be sent to Jan for payment.

We discussed the Rodeo BBQ at some length. There are many new sanitation requirements due to the Covid 19.  At this time, the rodeo and parade are going ahead with plans, however, after much discussion, it was decided that we would not put on the BBQ. Nancy Marks suggested that we should try to get another group to take this on in the future. Marcia Beiber moved and Kathy Stancil seconded the motion to not have the BBQ this year. Nancy will notify the press.

We then discussed what to do about the Fairmont raffle that was planned for the Leprechuan Festival. It was moved by Nancy Marks and seconded by Jeanne Randolph that we should proceed with raffle ticket sales in person and on social media until the rodeo where we will do the drawing on Sunday. Winner will be announced at the rodeo and on social media.

We then discussed what to do with the silent auction items that were donated for the Leprechuan Festival. We will look in to a virtual auction, but nothing was decided today.

Jenny Clowes reported that the hospital is doing well. They are still on lockdown, no visitors, masks required, and temperature taken before anyone is allowed to enter the building. The only entry point is through the ER entrance at this time. An infrared facial recognition screener is coming soon that will enable both employees and patients to enter without an employee manning the station. They have opened up OB/GYN, Pediatrics, the Clinic, and a cardiologist will begin coming once a month. They are looking at options to move the Clinic to the ground floor. They have hired a new physical therapist, and are working to restore relationships with the community. There are 20 long-term patients and two swing beds at this time. The hospital is doing well and was not hurt financially by the Covid.

Next meeting is August 11 at 1 p.m. Meeting adjourned at 2 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Randolph, Secretary