Historic ALL Board Meeting Of May 2016

On Monday, May 16th, Ernie Nunn of the Broadwater Community Health Foundation hosted a joint, public meeting of the three major boards that work to support and operate the hospital. As Ernie told the more than 40 peo-ple that attended the meeting, it was an opportunity for cross communication between the boards and an excellent time to be transparent with the community.

Jan Hubber, chair of the Hospital District Board, discussed how their goal is “to promote health care in (Broadwater) County.” She re-viewed the duties of the District Board, includ-ing keeping good records of the disbursement of mill levy funds to the hospital. Jan also discussed the current loans handled by the district board and their work to clarify the ownership of the hospital building and the land it sits upon.

Bill Hubber, chair of the Townsend Health System Board gave an update of the operation of the hospital. Some of the changes he reviewed were the renovation of the clinic, the large increase in clinic patient volumes and the nursing home being at full capacity with a waiting list. Bill also added that the hospital has shown much better financial results over the last four months.

The Broadwater Community Health Foun-dation provided reports from Dolly McMaster and Judy Gillespie. They shared their goals and provided a solid accounting of their records, including assets of $2.6 million, mostly in an endowment. Their current goal is to increase the endowment to $5 million, working with sup-porters of health care in our community. Jenny Clowes (THS/BHC CFO) and Kyle Hopstad (THS/BHC CEO) then provided a hospital financial overview and the rough draft of the hos-pitals strategic plan. Jenny shared many of the financial indicators of the hospital and provided a graph of expenses and gross revenues for the last three years. It clearly shows the financial progress, with the revenues exceeding the expenses for the last four months.

Kyle then discussed the hospitals goals and mission. He reviewed the current staffing and revisions to provide better coverage for the community. Kyle also pointed out the hospital is expanding the mental health ser-vices offered in the county. In his update he rolled out many of the issues being addressed in the hospitals proposed strategic plan such as adding additional services, moving from volume based care towards community health, campus expansion, and a discussion on the hospitals grant to be-come a Rural Health Affordable Care Organization.

Many thanks to all that attended, including two Broadwater County Commissioners, three commissioner candidates and a candidate for House District 70. There were many questions answered for the public and a lot of information shared with all who attended. The hospital indicated they would be holding more “town hall” meetings as their strategic plan be-comes finalized. The hospital pointed out that the community health survey would be getting mailed soon and encouraged everyone that received the survey to please fill it out and return it at their earliest convenience.

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