Clinic Services & Providers Expand

Broadwater Health Center (BHC) administration, board and staff have been working to increase services and providers within the hospital, emergency room and wellness clinic. When more services and providers are available we can better meet the community’s needs, increasing the likelihood that community members will “shop locally” for their health care. This also helps stabilize hospital revenues at the same time it supports the local economy.

We also listened to the public when they wanted separate providers to work the Emergency Room (ER) during the day so patients with scheduled clinic appointments would not be faced with interruptions due to clinic providers being called to the ER. We now have a cadre of providers to keep the operations flowing smoothly and to fit our community’s needs (see photos and positions at left).

The clinic has also increased its services and hopes you will consider seeing our health care providers for:






    • Physicals & Exams (DOT, Sports Physicals, Medicare, etc.)
    • Preventative care including well child checks, pap smears & wellness visits
    • Workers Comp Visits • Wound Care
    • Colds, Flus & Bronchitis • Allergy Shots
    • Ear, Throat & Sinus Infections
    • Urinary Tract Infections
    • Sprains, Burns & Cuts • BP Checks
    • Family Planning & Contraception
    • Smoking Cessation • Joint Injections
    • Chronic Disease Management
    • Adult vaccinations (flu, tetanus, pneumonia, etc.)
    • Skin Infections & Biopsies
    • Acute care and walk in/same day appointments
    • Chronic Disease Management including diabetes, high blood pressure & cholesterol, thyroid disorders, etc.
    • Coordination of care
    • Visiting Providers Include: Orthopedic Surgeon, Urologist, Ophthalmologist & Podiatrist



Mental Health Services Also Expand at BHC

Wendy Bazinet, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), start-ed with Broadwater Health Center in April. She is providing behav-ioral health services that include individual and family therapy, group therapy, consultation services with community primary medical pro-viders and assistance with referrals to any additional behavioral health needs.

Wendy has worked with youth, adults and families providing direct care since the early 1990s working 12 years in Lincoln, MT, and the last four years in Helena. Wendy has been married for 38 years to her seventh grade sweetheart and loves to spend time out-doors as well as cuddling with her cats and dogs.


Please call the clinic, at 266-4670, to make an appointment to visit with Ms. Bazinet.