BHC Staff Receives Pediatric & ED Training

Broadwater Health Center (BHC) staff participate in continuing education classes to hone their skills and learn new techniques and methods to improve patient care. Recently they participated in classes involving pediatric and Emergency Department (ED) patient care.

A morning session entitled “Assessment and Care of the Pediatric Patient” was sponsored by Community Medical Center (CMC) of Missoula along with instructors Claire Steinberg, Pediatric Nurse and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Staff Devel-opment Coordinator and her husband Ben Tuholske, Emergency Department Nurse and Flight Nurse. This class provided pediatric assessment tools and tips, case studies for group discussion, class engaged games like jeopardy on “Sneezing, Wheezing, Breathing and Seizing” and a hands-on skills practice stations. The class lasted three hours and was provided to BHC staff for free as part of CMC educational outreach program.

Hannah Sexton of BHC, a Master of Physician Assistant (MPA-C), coordinated Emergency Department (ED) afternoon classes on using the Lucas device for chest compressions in a code situation. She also reviewed the basics of trauma, stroke and burn care in the emergency department.

Fourteen (14) BHC staff participated in the educational offerings that day and said it was incredibly informative, fun, and filled with hands-on learning opportunities.