BHC Auxiliary BBQ A Huge Success

It does take a village! It took a village to put on the 53rd Annual Broadwater County Rodeo Barbeque organized by the Broadwater Health Center Auxiliary. It happened on Sunday, August 8th when firemen, Rotarians, hospital personnel, ambu-lance workers and volunteers put on one of the largest annual luncheon barbeques held in Townsend.

Proceeds from the event included several generous donations as well as sales of left over roasts. The total came to $4,900. After expenses the funds will go to pay for a remodel of one of the nursing home rooms at Broadwater Health Cen-ter according to Jackie Kynett, BHC Auxiliary President.

The event was held in Memorial park, across the street from the County courthouse. It began on Wednesday when the Broadwater Health Center Auxiliary members made one hundred pounds of potato salad and cooked five roasters full of baked beans. The hospitals chief chef, Serebrena Short, also baked dozens of cookies for dessert.

Then early Sunday morning the Townsend Rotarians, led by Pat Plantenberg, set up twenty tables with chairs borrowed from the Masonic Lodge, Rotary and the Townsend Senior Center. Soon after the annual Rodeo Parade, 395 men, women and children had eaten the 190 pounds of beef roasts barbequed by master chefs Keith Kirscher, Larry Woodring and Vic Sample. Firemen Lenard Sawyer and Mike Speedy served up potato salad, baked beans, sauce and drinks. Other servers included Linda Cousineau, Dorothy Hahn, Kellie McBride, Kathy Sewell, Mary Mistek, Trish Dana, Anita Kearns and Laura Obert. Bonnie Berglind and Bill and Jan Hubber took tickets. Beth Ihle finished off the event by washing all the roasters and pans at her station at the school kitchen.

A special high-light of the dinner was the music. Eve-ryone commented on the gospel, country and blue grass music played by Tom and Joan Eliel and Gary Thuele.

The members of the BHC Auxiliary would like to thank all who worked on the barbeque and those who came out to support the event. For more information on the Auxiliary and its activities please contact Jackie Kynett at 980-0902.